The Summer Simonyi operating as the most important concentration of the year round activities of the Simonyi BEDC has by far hosted more than 320 projects.

The selection of summer projects follows a conscious distribution of areas that help innovation capacity building at a regional level.  We see it highly critical to host projects that arrive from Public, Non Profit as well as For Profit sectors and from different stages of growth and development.

The close connection between Pécs, South West Hungary with Ohio especially the South West and North East regions have been traditionally a priority for recruiting projects and clients.

Projects of the above nature had been in the fields of Healthcare Financing, Healthcare IT, Alternative Medicine, Hospice Services, Biotechnology Innovation, Bio-Energy, Sports, Building Installations, Cosmetics, Arts and Culture, Ethnical Entrepreneurship.

With Botswana joining in last year some areas such as City Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Sports and Sports Tourism, Public Health and Global Health have brought specific newer interests.

The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs has systematically complied expertise in Social Innovation and Sustainable Innovation from a regional competitiveness perspective. Every year infrastructural regional projects coming from Energy, Water, Construction, IT and Information Dissemination (Media), Agriculture and Food Security, Healthcare and Education have been recruited in the fields of Sustainable Innovation and Social Innovation.

In 2011 Hungarian and US students were able to conduct a successful comparison between Athens Ohio and its boarders with the Appalachian region vs. Pécs and the under developed Ormánság region. This provided the very foundation for shifting to a field popularized under SMART cities and SMART specialization from technological as well as social perspectives ever since.

The Summer Simonyi has also been the main backbone for the establishment of our international Entrepreneurship Community. Alumni of the program have acted as bridges between regions, and networks as they have been moving from one location to another from one network to another expanding the breadth of our community of practice. In the recent years projects facilitating such type of international entrepreneurial community building have become a newer layer of focus. 

Why to come

The Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program focuses on value creation in the regional socio-economic environment of the University of Pecs.
You will have the opportunity to provide professional support to social entrepreneurship initiatives that can have real social impact in the region. You will cooperate with culturally and professionally diverse student groups in a practice oriented, experiential learning context that focuses on real-life projects and project owners in the region.
Professional mentors will assist your teams in imbedding the projects. You can have the experience of achieving tangible results by means of value generating solutions within a well-defined local socio-economic environment.

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Registration:  29th May, 2020
Payment:  14th June, 2020
Arrival, registration, welcome:  3rd-5th July, 2020
Start of the academic program:  6th July, 2020
End of the program:  24th July, 2020

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Battyáni Réka
International Office

Phone: +36 72 501 500/23165
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