Location - Pécs

A wide range of off-class social programs are offered during the Summer School most of which despite being diverse and amusing are somehow linked to the concept of Simonyi Consulting program. Pécs is a beautiful place to study in. It is simultaneously a friendly place and a very active city, in which you can never be bored. You can be sure you will find everything here that a student could wish.

The history of Pécs dates back over 2000 years, and the name of the old Roman town, "Sopianae" is still found in the names of institutions and products. Pécs is a pleasant, modern town, rich in historical monuments, an administrative, cultural and educational centre offering a lot to those who wish to live or study here. The town is famous for its museums, galleries, the festivals and cultural events it hosts. The downtown of Pécs is an unique mixture of the relics of Early Christianity, the arrival of the Hungarians, the Turkish reign and the achievements of modern architecture and arts.

Thanks to its rich cultural past the city of Pécs had the honour of bearing the European Capital of Culture-title besides Essen and Istanbul in 2010. This year marks a dramatic moment in the life of the city. New cultural spaces and forums have been created, new perspectives have opened up for the exponents of various forms of art, new programmes and all-art festivals have been organised and can create a new tradition. Pécs has become a popular tourist destination, a mecca for young people and students. A new era and a new chapter have begun in the history of  Pécs.

For more information:  or  http://pte.hu/english/pecs_sights

Why to come

The Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program focuses on value creation in the regional socio-economic environment of the University of Pecs.
You will have the opportunity to provide professional support to social entrepreneurship initiatives that can have real social impact in the region. You will cooperate with culturally and professionally diverse student groups in a practice oriented, experiential learning context that focuses on real-life projects and project owners in the region.
Professional mentors will assist your teams in imbedding the projects. You can have the experience of achieving tangible results by means of value generating solutions within a well-defined local socio-economic environment.

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Registration:  29th May, 2020
Payment:  14th June, 2020
Arrival, registration, welcome:  3rd-5th July, 2020
Start of the academic program:  6th July, 2020
End of the program:  24th July, 2020

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Battyáni Réka
International Office

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