Generali-Providencia STUDIUM accident and health insurance with cost reimbursement:

You, as insured shall have health insurance cover on the territory of the Republic of Hungary pursuant to the insurance contract with Generali-Providencia Insurance Company.

This insurance covers the expenses of medical treatments and interventions at the designated institution and also covers medicines and therapeutical aids, and - in case of medical necessity - the costs of transport of the patient to the designated institution.

Centre for Occupational Health and Hygiene of the University of Pécs Clinical Centre

The place of consultation:           Pécs, Nyár u. 8.

In case of emergency, the insurance covers the above mentioned costs in any other institutions and hospitals, in this case let the designated medical institution know - if it is possible prior to commencing any medical intervention, but not later than the following workday -, where and what sort of health problem (illness, sickness or injury) are and/ or were you treated for, so that the designated medical institution can get in contact with the doctors and/ or institution providing medical treatment. The invoice needs to be issued to the name of the insured person and sent together with the medical report and the ambulant card to the designated medical institution.

Essential information about your insurance:

    *Cover limit: up to HUF 2,000,000, for any insurance period.

Only 50 % of the costs of medicines and therapeutical aids will be reimbursed to the insured according to the issued invoices. In case you (as insured) buy medicines and/ or therapeutical aids, it is necessary to let the invoice issue to the name and address of the insured person. (Ask for a so-called “ÁFÁS SZÁMLA” in the Pharmacy)

How to find the designated medical institution/General Practitioner (GP) Service?

Centre for Occupational Health and Hygiene of the University of Pécs Clinical Centre

The place of consultation:           Pécs, Nyár u. 8.

Opening hours                              

  • Mondays and Wednesdays:                    12:00-16:00
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays:           8:00-12:00

Should you have any questions, problems or would like to make an appointment please contact our English speaking GP on +36 30/709 5315.

Why to come

The Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program focuses on value creation in the regional socio-economic environment of the University of Pecs.
You will have the opportunity to provide professional support to social entrepreneurship initiatives that can have real social impact in the region. You will cooperate with culturally and professionally diverse student groups in a practice oriented, experiential learning context that focuses on real-life projects and project owners in the region.
Professional mentors will assist your teams in imbedding the projects. You can have the experience of achieving tangible results by means of value generating solutions within a well-defined local socio-economic environment.

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Registration:  29th May, 2020
Payment:  14th June, 2020
Arrival, registration, welcome:  3rd-5th July, 2020
Start of the academic program:  6th July, 2020
End of the program:  24th July, 2020

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Battyáni Réka
International Office

Phone: +36 72 501 500/23165
Office: B131