The Ohio-Pécs Summer Simonyi Entrepreneurship Consulting program starts again on July 4th, 2016 . 
The four week program will be hosting 20 projects from various industries and all the private and public 
sectors of  the economy. 

Senior consultants , entrepreneurs and trainers will be leading the projects together with 29 international
participants (consultants) coming from different disciplines. Fourteen participants will be arriving from
Ohio , five from Botswana and 10 from the University of Pecs. 

This year's program will also be relying on the assistance of the alumni network and the established
community of practice coming from its past 12 years.

The July 29th Fourth Showcase Marketplace in  Entrepreneurship, SMART specialization and 
Sustainable Innovation will be marking the last day of this program.

Tuesday, 2016, June 28 - 10:29Hír

Why to come

The Summer Simonyi Entrepreneurship Consulting Program relies on more than two decades of capacity building experience in working with diverse participants regardless of their level of expertise and background.
Every year our prominent alumni, coming from backgrounds such as engineering, medicine, natural sciences, arts, sports, social sciences, business and economics share their technical, social and business expertise offering access to their professional and business networks.

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Registration:  5th June, 2018
Payment:  15th June, 2018
Arrival, registration, welcome:  6th – 8th July, 2018
Start of the academic program:  9th July, 2018
End of the program:  28th July, 2018

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Head of International Office

Phone: +36 72 501 500/23160
Office: B131

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