You will be asked to prepare and forward your “Professional C.V.”, along with a “Motivational Letter”. If you wish to enter as an “Idea Owner” as well, include this in your motivational letter. In English you will be asked to provide additional information in this regard in due course of the correspondence.

The qualified applicants should ensure the timely transfer of their participation fees and the issuance of their “letter of acceptance”.  Please note that the Jue 15 deadline for application only fits applicants who do not have to apply for a visa to Hungary. If you have to apply for visa we advise you to apply before the 30th of May.  (Please refer to the “Fees” section for details)

The multi-disciplinary and cross generational approach behind the design of the program offers the possibility for a diverse group to enter the program. Over the years, the Summer Simonyi has hosted participants from different disciplines at post graduate, graduate and undergraduate levels to participate in the unique co-learning environment. In the recent years we’ve been receiving more and more interest from Executives to take part in the program.

The Motivational Letter will be expressing your aims for participating in the program and the most important take-away you’re expecting from the program. Its always good to read about your views regarding your unique “social and technical qualities”.

It would be important to highlight whether you’re expecting higher education credits as a part of your practicum, internship or fulfilling other requirements in your motivational letter. 

Why to come

The Summer Simonyi Entrepreneurship Consulting Program relies on more than two decades of capacity building experience in working with diverse participants regardless of their level of expertise and background.
Every year our prominent alumni, coming from backgrounds such as engineering, medicine, natural sciences, arts, sports, social sciences, business and economics share their technical, social and business expertise offering access to their professional and business networks.

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Registration:  5th June/15th June the latest (keep in mind visa regulation if needed)
Payment:  20th June
Arrival, registration, welcome:  30th June - 1st July
Start of the academic program:  3rd July
End of the program:  28th July

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Head of International Office

Phone: +36 72 501 500/23160
Office: B131

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